My name is Judith and my family since 2005 run a very busy online bead store Beads Online. Beads Online started from humble beginning on eBay and has grown organically through a lot of trial and error to one of the best beading supply website in Australia today.

I love jewellery and that is how I got into making my own. For me making jewellery has always been about fashion. Something to brighten up an old outfit or make a new dress even more special. Jewellery makes wonderful personalized gifts and its a wonderful craft to take time out and relax.

Making jewellery via beading is not hard. If you took the time to master a few basic techniques and design concepts you be whipping up necklaces, earrings and bracelets in no time at all. Most jewellery designers are using the same techniques, concepts, materials and ideas that have been around for centuries.

When I am not making jewellery or packing beads I am a professional web design and developer. Web design and development is something I am very passionate about and I love doing it. Jewellery design complements this as it gives me a creative opportunity using my hands and away from the computer.

So this website is a bit of fun for me. Its my online creative space. I hope will inspire people with their jewellery making. I plan to share a lot of ideas which you are more than welcome to use in any way you want. Keep in mind though the text and images in this website are the property of www.beadsonline.com.au

Chat soon
Judith xxx