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Macrame Square Knot

1. Take four sections of cord. You will be working with the outer two cords with the two middle cords staying fixed. Take the outer left cord and create a small loop and place it over the two middle cords.

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Macrame wrap knot

1. Take 1 metre of cord and measure 10cm from the end and fold it over. Gather the section you want to be wrapped. 2. Place the section cord with the loop facing down and the shorter end at the

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Colourful Key Ring Tutorial

X-Large Kashmiri style beads can be found here

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How to crimp, use a wire guardian & crimp cover

The following tutorial will show you how to use crimping pliers and finish your jewellery elegantly and professionally by using a wire guardian and crimp cover. Materials & Tools – Tiger Tail – Crimps – Crimp covers – Wire guardians

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Perfect Wrapped Loops

Wrapped loops are more durable than plain loops and can also be used as a decorative element to your jewellery designs. Easy to make once you know how. You will need 1 round nose pliers 2 flat or chain nose

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Photo Jewellery Tutorial – Reboot 2015

Here at Beads Online have over 10 years experience making glass tile jewellery. Teaching you how and supplying affordable supplies is our specialty. Getting Started You will need fine tipped precision scissors, glass cabochons, adhesive (Mod Podge Dimensional Magic) and

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Teach yourself how to make beaded Jewellery

Everyone loves jewellery and its so much fun to make it yourself. It may seem hard to make your own jewellery but its not. To get started you will need four tools, learn some basic techniques and some jewellery making

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Tree of Life Earrings

Tree of Life Earring Tutorial

Get your craft on and make these cute gemstone chip tree of life earrings. You will need 2 24mm cast metal rings 1.2 metres of 24ga Artistic Wire 2 ear hooks 2 4mm jump rings 2 6mm jump rings 80-100

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