How to crimp, use a wire guardian & crimp cover


The following tutorial will show you how to use crimping pliers and finish your jewellery elegantly and professionally by using a wire guardian and crimp cover.

Materials & Tools
- Tiger Tail
- Crimps
- Crimp covers
- Wire guardians
- Crimping Pliers

Step 1: Take your tiger tail and thread one crimp bead and through one end of the wire guardian.

Step 2: Work the tiger tail around the through the other end of the tiger tail and back through the crimp bead.

Step 3: Your crimping pliers has a kidney shaped hole at the bottom which is called the criming hole and a round hole at the top called the rounder.

Step 4: Take your crimping pliers and secure the crimp bead in the first crimping station making sure the crimp bead is sitting firmly on the wire guardian.

Step 5: The crimp bead should now have a center dimple. Best results are obtained when the two wires are positioned on either side of the center dimple.

Step 6: Position your crimp in the rounding section of the crimping pliers. Apply pressure forming a smooth secure crimp

Step 7: The tiger tail should now be secure and the crimp bead folded flat.

Step 8: Take your chain nose or round nose pliers and hold the crimp over.

Step 9: Place your crimp cover bead over the closed crimp. Gently close the pliers until the crimp cover is closed.

Step 10: Now string your beads and repeat step 1-8 to close the strand

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2 comments on “How to crimp, use a wire guardian & crimp cover
  1. Helen McCorick says:

    Thank you for your instructions, as a beginner with beading.
    I was stumped when it came, to placing the crimp cover
    Thanks a lot
    A little more learnt today

  2. Beverley Trenear says:

    wonderful precise instructions, I wish I had seen this 6 months ago, I have bumbled my way through crimps and made some huge blunders, thank you

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