Perfect Wrapped Loops

wrappedloops Wrapped loops are more durable than plain loops and can also be used as a decorative element to your jewellery designs. Easy to make once you know how.

You will need 1 round nose pliers 2 flat or chain nose pliers 1 wire cutter Head pin and bead* Note the head pin needs to be 2cm longer than the bead to make the wrap 1. Take one head pin and thread the bead or combination of beads.Place the tip of your round nose pliers on top of the bead. 2. Bend your head pin at a 90 degree angle. 3. Now take your round-nose pliers and place it on the top of the angle (not a the tip this time, a little bit inwards to give your loop a nice size). 4. Start to form the loop by wrapping the wire around the nose of the pliers. This will create half the loop. 5. Change the position of the pliers to finish your loop. 6. Check that your happy with the shape of the loop. 7. Take your flat/chain nose pliers and hold the top of the loop (this will hold the shape of the loop). 8 & 9. Take your second flat/chain nose pliers and take the end of the wire and start wrapping it around the wire on the bottom of the loop. Start wrapping from the top and work to the bottom. 10. Take your wire cutters and cut trim the excess wire. 11. Take your flat/chain nose pliers and finish the wire flush by pressing down on the tail of the wire to finish it flat. There should be no sharp edges. 12. Perfect wrapped loops.
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