Tree of Life Earrings

Tree of Life Earring TutorialGet your craft on and make these cute gemstone chip tree of life earrings.

You will need
2 24mm cast metal rings 1.2 metres of 24ga Artistic Wire 2 ear hooks 2 4mm jump rings 2 6mm jump rings 80-100 3-5mm small gemstone chips

1. Divide the wire into ten 12cm lengths.

2. Take one 12cm section of wire and fold it approximately half way making one section of wire 1cm longer than the other. Place the hoop so it sits in the fold. Now twist the longer section of wire around the rim of the hoop two times to secure the wire. Repeat this step four more times.

3. Create the trunk by bringing all the wire together in the centre and twisting for approx. 1cm (about half way). Now separate the wire sitting and spreading them out so the wire are grouped in their original five groups of two.

4. Take the right hand side’s bottom group of two (4 strands) and twist twice. Now take the left hand side's bottom group of two (4 strands) and twist twice. This will just leaves the middle group of two strands untouched.

5. Re-spread the branches so they sit in their original five groups of two wires. Now twist each group together a few times and re-spread the branches so they are now spread evenly and the the tree has good coverage. Start adding the gemstone leaves of the tree. Thread on one strand some gemstone chips, so the chips sit comfortable under the hoop and secure the excess wire by wrapping around the top of the hoop. Trim and finish the end flushed. Repeat with adding gemstone to each strand working in an anti-clockwise direction.

6. Take one 6mm jump ring and thread between the top branches. Now take one 4mm jump ring and thread the 6mm jump ring and the bottom loop of the ear hook.

7. Repeat step 2 to 6 to make up the second pair of earrings.

Tree of Life Earring Tutorial Tree of Life Earring Tutorial
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