Tree of Life – Striped Agate

Step-by-Step Tutorial Tree of Life I fell in love with these gemstone beads the minute I laid my eyes on them and I knew they would be perfect for another version of my tree of life (I previously created this style with a large Lapis stone). The earthy colour of the agate with the stripes is really stunning. Agate is a good balancing stablising stone.

Materials 1 40mm Agate flat round bead 1 51x49x2mm cast metal distorted hoop 160cm 24ga wire 10cm 22ga wire 1 10cm jump ring 1 leather cord 1 cast metal bead hanger 1. Take the 10cm length of 22ga wire. Secure the wire to the hoop by creating a 2cm tail and wrapping it around the hoop (Picture 1A). Thread the bead on the wire and secure to the hoop by wrapping the end of the wire to the frame. Trim if need to finish the wire flushed (Picture 1B). 2. Take the 24ga wire and divide it into eight 20cm length of wire. 3. Take one 20cm section of wire and fold it approximately half way making one section of wire 3cm longer than the other. Place the hoop so it sits in the fold. Now twist the longer section of wire around the hoop three times to secure the wire. (Picture. 3A). Using the picture as a placement guide repeat this step to attach the other seven wire sections, placing 4 sections on each side of the bead (Picture 3B & 3C) 4. Create the trunk by bringing all the wire together in the centre and twisting for approx. 1cm (Picture 4a). Now separate the wire sitting and spreading them out so the wire are grouped in their original eight groups of two (Picture 4b). NOTE: After you complete each step sit the pendant in your hand flat and push the bead forward so the tree starts to mould around it (Picture 4C & 4D) 5. Take the right hand side’s bottom group of four (8 strands) and twist together of approx. 1cm. Now take the remaining four groups (8 strands) and twist them together for 1cm. Re-separate the wire sitting and spreading them out so the wire are grouped in their original eight groups of two (Picture 5). 6. Take right hand side’s bottom to groups of two (4 strands) and twist together for approx. 0.5-1cm*. Moving in an anti-clock wise direction take the next two groups of two and twist together. Keep doing this for the remaining two groups of two. *Vary the size for each group (Picture 6). 7. Re-spread the branches so they sit in their original eight groups of two wires. Now twist each group together for approx 0.5 to 1cm. Vary the size of the twist for each group (Pic. 6A). Re-spread the branches so they are now spread evenly and the the tree has good coverage (Picture 7). 8. Once you are happy how your tree is looking sit the pendant in your hand flat and push the bead forward so the tree moulds around it (Picture 8). Secure the branches to the edge of the hoop by wrapping around the wire around hoop a few times before trimming and finishing flushed (Picture 8B) . 9. Finish by taking your round-nose pliers and messing the wire giving the branches a rustic look. Take the 10cm jump ring and thread the top of the hoop and the bottom of the bead hanger. Hang on the leather cord. Step-by-Step Tutorial Tree of Life Step-by-Step Tutorial Tree of Life
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6 comments on “Tree of Life – Striped Agate
  1. Samantha Frey says:

    I hope this goes to my new em, if not I resend it I so want to learn how to do this. But every time I see the front being done, nothing about the back is shown. So, how do you hold the stone in. 🙂 Thanks Samm

    • The bead has a hole drilled thru it. After you secure the wire to the frame, run the wire thru the hole in the bead and secure to the opposite side of the frame; thus securing the bead. The front decorative wraps will hold the bead in place. (See step 1). Hope this helps.

  2. Samantha Frey says:

    Try this again. thanks

  3. Lorraine says:

    Yes how do you keep the backing stone in? Great tutorial otherwise. Cheers.

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