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Long Colourful Tassel Necklace


1 80x20mm silky tassel
1 clasp
2 10mm cast metal ring
2 18x13mm cast metal filigree connectors
1 6mm rhinestone rondelle
1 17mm heart charm
22 8mm daisy spacers
8 medium eye pins
22 small eye pins
35 6mm jump rings

45 8x5mm Howlite rondelle beads – cream
64 (Approx.) Howlite chip beads – mixed

Also included is a 10cm 24ga wire to help thread the tassel

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


STEP 1 Take the length of 24ga wire and fold it in half, placing the length of thread on the top of the tassel in the fold (Pic. 1A). Using the wire like a needle thread the two open ends pulling the thread through the rhinestone spacer bead and rondelle bead (Pic. 1B & 1C). Thread the cast metal ring (Pic. 1D) and form a knot around the ring (Pic. 1E) and place your round-nose pliers in the knot to help control where it will sit (Pic. 1F). Sit the knot above the bead making sure the tension is tight. Once happy with the placement gently remove the pliers tightening the knot. Secure the knot with another knot. It is optional to secure the knot with glue. Using your wire thread the open end of thread back through the beads and trim to hide the ends of the thread (Pic. 1G & 1H).
NOTE: Be careful not to tighten the knot until your happy as this string is very hard to unknot

STEP 2 Take one small eye pin and thread one white howlite rondelle bead, one daisy spacer and one white howlite rondelle bead. Create a beaded-connector by trimming the eye pin 1cm from the last bead and using your round-nose pliers to create a loop. Repeat this step twenty-one more time so you have in total twenty-two rondelle beaded-connectors.

STEP 3 Take your medium eye pin and thread howlite chip beads until you have 1ccm of eye pin left (approx seven to eight beads). Create a beaded-connector by using your round-nose pliers to create a loop. Repeat this step seven more time so you have in total eight colourful beaded-connectors.

STEP 4 Create one necklace strap by using 6mm jump rings to join up the filigree connectors and beaded-connectors from step two & three in the following order: three rondelle beaded-connectors (step 2), one colourful beaded-connector (step 3), one rondelle beaded-connectors, one colourful beaded-connector, one filigree connector, one colourful beaded-connector, one rondelle beaded-connectors, one colourful beaded-connector, six rondelle beaded-connectors and one clasp. Repeat this step to create the second necklace strap but replace the clasp with the cast metal ring.

STEP 5 Take two 6mm jump rings. Finish the necklace by using one 6mm jump rings to attach each of the necklace straps to the ring attached to the tassel pendant (step1). Take one 6mm jump ring and attach the heart charm to the tassel pendant.