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Turquoise Heart Necklace


1 51x31mm porcelain heart
1 12mm Pave Rhinestone Beads
10cm chain
28 small eye pins
8 medium eye pins
2 head pins
1 daisy spacer
39 6mm jump rings
1 10mm jump rings
1 lobster clasp
1 10mm plain ring

8 12x9x7mm Imperial Crystal oval beads
20 4x6mm Imperial Crystal rondelle beads
18 6x8mm Imperial Crystal rondelle beads

Materials are available at wwww.beadsonline.com.au


STEP 1 Head Pin Bail
Take the head pin holding the ends with the tips of your round-nose pliers. Thread the daisy spacer and the pendant. Keep holding the tip of the round-nose pliers on the end of the head pin and take the other end of the head pin and bend it at a 90 degree angle at the back of the pendant. Now move the round nose pliers to the top of the pendant and bring the end of the head pin around it to the front of the pendant creating a large loop (the bail). Sit the end of the head pin under the beads. Now secure by wrapping the ends of the wire under the beads. Trim if needed.

STEP 2 Beaded-Connectors
A Eight oval beaded-connectors (medium head pin): One oval bead
B Eighteen medium rondelle beaded-connectors (small head pin): One 6x8mm rondelle beads
C Ten double rondelle beaded-connectors (small head pin): Two 4x6mm rondelle beads
NOTE: Beaded-connectors are created by threading the bead or sequence of beads on a eye pin, then trimming the eye pin 1cm from the last bead. Then take your round-nose pliers and form a loop on the end.

STEP 3 Create a beaded-dangle by taking one head pin and threading one pave rhinestone bead. Finish with a wrapped loop.

STEP 4 Take five double rondelle beaded-connectors (step 2c) and four 6mm jump rings. Create a beaded-chain by using the jump ring to attach the beaded-connectors together. Repeat this step

STEP 5 Create the middle necklace tear by taking one 6mm jump ring and thread the rhinestone beaded-dangle (step 3) and the ends of the two beaded-chain from step 4.

STEP 6 Take the chain and divide it into two 5cm sections.

STEP 7 Create one necklace strap using 6mm jump rings to join up beaded-dangle from step one in the following order: Four oval beaded-connectors (step 2A), nine medium rondelle beaded-connector (step 2B), one 5cm section of chain and one clasp. Repeat this step for the second necklace strap but substitute the clasp for the 10mm plain ring

.STEP 8 Take one 10mm jump ring and thread the bail of the heart pendant (step 1) and the two necklace straps from step 7. One your beaded-chain count seven beaded links, on the jump ring that sits about the seventh link thread one 6mm jump ring and one end of the middle necklace tear. Repeat from * to ** for other side.